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pda webinar

Activity Updates and Case Studies

The webinar will be held by experts in the field who will introduce you to the association and present two case studies. The webinar will also comprise a Q&A session. Answers will be given immediately or after the webinar by email for more complex questions.


Introduction to PDA Europe and to Polyurea

Dirk Uebelhoer, PDA Europe President

Case Study: Waterproofing & Antislip Finish on a TV Studio – Trailer

Dirk Uebelhoer, PDA Europe President

PDA Europe Annual Conference

Keltoum Sakour, PDA Europe Board Member



Who should attend

· Applicators, contractors and formulators dealing with surface treatment, waterproofing and anti-corrosion coating.
· Architects in search of new design options.
· Civil engineers dealing with new construction or maintenance of buildings, service and traffic areas, sewage lines.
· Designers dealing with theme parks, landscaping or decorative design.
· Chemists, engineers and technicians who want to get insight in a fascinating new technology widely applicable in numerous areas.

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