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Plasfi bid to be the best team in manufacturing polyurethane systems and aspire to be worldwide.

We want our customers to have more advantages! Plasfi is a leader in the field of polyurethane (PU, PUR, PIR), with over 30 years of know-how. Our headquarters in Santa Coloma de Queralt, Tarragona, Spain, is the international technology centre of Plasfi polyurethane. It has on its books the widest range of polyurethane systems.

  • Polyurethane, in our daily life, makes everything more convenient and comfortable, providing solutions for thermal insulation, waterproofing and the construction industry.
    Plasfi produces a complete range of products for the construction and automotive industry. Our company produces leading projection systems for use “in situ”. Our polyurethane is present in refrigerators, mattresses, furniture, armrests, flywheels and wheels for forklifts as varnishes, paints, adhesives, binders …

    Plasfi also produces the raw materials for polyurethane formulations, aromatic polyesters such as Mannich base polyol.

    It also provides a full range of MDI / TDI based prepolymers  to industry for many applications such as cork, agglomerated rubber and tire fill systems.


  • Meet our NOP (Natural Oil Polyols) for rigid polyurethanes: An alternative to traditional cheap and green polyols.

    Visit our systems for PUR and PIR sandwich panels.

    Do not forget our memory foam (VE) – MDI based for the most comfort in mattresses and pillows.

    Our Polyurethane that helps to improve the quality of life, its a must!

    Singular Innovation.
    We are where our customers are. No matter what the case for the application of polyurethane is: be it an insulated wall, flywheel or wheels, PLASFI makes the seemingly impossible an innovative reality. Our specialist teams are composed of chemists, physicists, engineers and marketing in joint projects developing specific solutions for each client.