QUESTOL 108 for making moulds

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QUESTOL 108 is a projection system with two 100% solid components, made up of one polyolpolyether component and one isocyanate component (MDI). (more…)

Polyurethane for decorative purposes

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PF18 0354 is a polyol formulated with all the necessary additives– fire-retardants, expansive agent etc. – for obtaining a moulded, rigid polyurethane for decorative purposes. Its reaction with an isocyanate component results in a rigid polyurethane foam characterised by very high density and the appearance of wood. (more…)

ITeC issues ETA 11/0488 for the product Questol

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Plasfi has obtained the European Technical Approval – ETA 11/0488 for its liquid applied roof waterproofing kit, Questol. The ETA 11/0488 positively assesses the use of the product in areas including decks that can be walked upon directly over the waterproofing layer. The ETA (the European Technical Approval) is a favourable technical assessment of the suitability of a construction product for the uses assigned, based on fulfilment of the essential requirements of the works (Directive 89/106 / CEE Construction Products, chap. III, art. 8).


II Encuentro-edificación

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Durante el II Encuentro-edificación sobre rehabilitación energética de edificios Ipur expone las excelencias del poliuretano en la rehabilitación térmica de suelos y cubiertas “Con el poliuretano, ya sea proyectado o en paneles sándwich, resolvemos de una sola vez los dos grandes problemas que presentan las cubiertas de los edificios: su impermeabilidad y su necesidad de aislamiento térmico”, (more…)

1st Symposium on Internationalization

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 A number of leading figures from the business world attended this day, sharing their advice and international business models. The aim of these workshops was to exchange experience with Catalan entrepreneurs.


Construmat 2011

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Construmat, Salón Internacional de la Construcción de Fira de Barcelona, encaro su edición 2011 con el propósito de ofrecer soluciones reales que ayuden al sector. Además de apostar por la innovación, la rehabilitación y la sostenibilidad, los expertos consideran que la internacionalización es una de las mejores vías para que la construcción española inicie el camino de la recuperación. (more…)

¨ If you fail, you do not learn ¨

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Espacio El personaje, del Diari, written by Nuria Perez of the day November 27, 2011 tells the story of Santiago and Montserrat Figueras Plasfi Group. 


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questolPlasfi creates a second skin to protect surfaces
The mixture of polyol and isocyanate make an exothermic reaction and create a sheet of elastomeric material, called polyurea.