QUESTOL 110-I,. Fireproof spray system in two components, 100% solids, consisting of a polyether polyol component and an isocyanate component (MDI). Because the final product is translucent, it can be coloured easily with elastomers in different colours: brick red, green, blue, black, etc. Particularly suitable for the protection of expanded polystyrene shapes.Due to the aromatic nature of the product pastels are discouraged. This product is especially suitable for the protection of expanded polystyrene shapes


The formulated polyol component by reaction with the isocyanate component allows us to form a rigid polyurethane foam by the injection system.

It is used for making furniture. We have a wide range of references to these applications so that we can adapt to all your needs: cream time, gel time, release agents and densities for both high and low pressure machines.

Manufactured to suit your needs!



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