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questolPlasfi creates a second skin to protect surfaces
The mixture of polyol and isocyanate make an exothermic reaction and create a sheet of elastomeric material, called polyurea.

This liquid membrane QUESTOLis obtained by spraying. A 100% solid substance, which respects the environment, waterproofs and protects all surfaces from abrasion and corrosion.Due to its high adhesion to multiple substrates it allows a secure and permanent bond with the surface, ensuring that it remains free of rust or corrosion.

The Polyurea QUESTOL is highly abrasion resistant, tolerates damages arising from acid attack or alkaline chemicals from petroleum products. It also creates a surface that is easy to clean.

QUESTOL is applicable by an expert with a high pressure machine that allows the application of up to 1500 m2 per day to two millimetres thick or more. The drying time is three to ten seconds, allowing the transit on the applied area in minutes.

Due to its high adherence, QUESTOL allows a safe and permanent fixture. The first elastomer without seams or seals that is 100% waterproof!

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