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Questol polyurea: an effective waterproofing material

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Plasfi’s Questol System, which comes in a range of varieties, is a solid, 100% impermeable membrane of enormous elasticity and adaptable to different types of substrate. It has been granted an ETA: 11/0488, thereby obtaining CE marking.

Polyurethane for decorative purposes

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PF18 0354 is a polyol formulated with all the necessary additives– fire-retardants, expansive agent etc. – for obtaining a moulded, rigid polyurethane for decorative purposes. Its reaction with an isocyanate component results in a rigid polyurethane foam characterised by very high density and the appearance of wood.

Vídeos ATEPA

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ATEPA preparó una selección de vídeos sobre las soluciones constructivas del poliuretano proyectado. Aquí disponemos los links directos a Youtube.