ITeC issues ETA 11/0488 for the product Questol

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Plasfi has obtained the European Technical Approval – ETA 11/0488 for its liquid applied roof waterproofing kit, Questol. The ETA 11/0488 positively assesses the use of the product in areas including decks that can be walked upon directly over the waterproofing layer. The ETA (the European Technical Approval) is a favourable technical assessment of the suitability of a construction product for the uses assigned, based on fulfilment of the essential requirements of the works (Directive 89/106 / CEE Construction Products, chap. III, art. 8).

The ETA is prepared by an approved body, leaving the set of authorized bodies grouped in the EOTA – European Organisation for Technical Approvals. The ITeC is an organization authorized to prepare ETA. The ETA is the European harmonized technical specification that allows the product bears the CE marking, once the ETA holder conducts due process of attestation of conformity.

Product Description Questol sealing kit.

Questol Roofing manufactured by Plasif is a membrane formed by two-component polyurethane (Questol), UV protection system, two component aliphatic polyurethane (ELPA UV) and various primers depending on the type of substrate (IMPLAS 01, 02 and 00). The system installed with these components forms a membrane for waterproofing homogeneous and continuous roofs. The minimum thickness of the membrane depends on the end use, depending on the category of planned usage load: 1.4 mm (1.7 kg / m²) in passable or impassable covered not only for maintenance, or 2.6 mm (2.9 kg / m²) on decks suitable for foot traffic.

The system is comprised of many layers:

1. Priming of 0.2 kg / m² (as needed).

2. Questol, at least 1.7 kg / m², depending on the anticipated traffic.

3. ELPA UV protection layer of 0.335 kg / m².

The final system can be installed under a layer of protection to meet the demands of external fire behaviour in all cases considered in the Technical Building Code (BROOF).


The development of the ETA has understood the experimental characterization and evaluation of product performance from the point of view of their performance waterproofing, water vapour permeability, compatibility with substrates, puncture resistance, fire performance, product durability and its benefits, etc.

The process of preparing the ETA is conducted in accordance with the provisions of Directive 89/106/EEC and harmonized technical criteria agreed by the EOTA and, among other things, provides for testing in accredited laboratories, calculations and analysis product manufacturing and circulation and document analysis among the other members of EOTA.

You can consult the full text of the updated ETA 11/0488 on the website of the ITeC

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