Questol polyurea: an effective waterproofing material

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Plasfi’s Questol System, which comes in a range of varieties, is a solid, 100% impermeable membrane of enormous elasticity and adaptable to different types of substrate. It has been granted an ETA: 11/0488, thereby obtaining CE marking.

In specific terms, QUESTOL 105 is a dual-component polyurea projection system. Because the finished product is translucent, colouration can be achieved with ease, enabling customers to choose from a range of coloured elastomers: brick red, green, blue, black etc.
The system is used for the protection of structures in the construction industry (tunnels, reservoirs, concrete seals etc.), the protection of surfaces, such as coating processes in building, or as a waterproofing layer in construction and manufacturing. It can also be used as rigid polyurethane foam for protection and waterproofing.

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